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Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control Inc. truly is your one-stop shop for all things wildlife related.

We are the only Ottawa pest control company of its kind that can offer customers full removal and repairs caused by wildlife.

Bat House Program

Together, Get ‘Em Out and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are looking for homeowners to participate in our study.

A Permanent Solution to Your Wildlife Problem

At Get ‘Em Out Wildlife, we’re transforming the way the pest control industry does the job.
We specialize in the humane removal of mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds and skunks. We then repair the damage that’s been done to your home – ultimately keeping out those pests for good.

Not only are we the only Ottawa pest control company that offers you full removal and repairs caused by wildlife, but we’re proud of our customers’ feedback on both service and satisfaction.

We want to make sure you are satisfied when we wrap up at your home. To make this happen, we:

  • Identify all entry and re-entry points on your home and business.
  • Offer you a permanent solution.
  • Ensure all animals safely (and permanently) leave.
  • Repair any and all damage to your building or structure (including shingles, soffit, siding, insulation and more).

All our work comes with a LIFETIME guarantee to all areas serviced within Ottawa and Eastern Ontario by Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control.

We don’t just Get’Em Out, we keep’em out!

We specialize in Mice, Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats, Birds and Skunks.

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Get ‘Em Out came to my home and did a thorough inspection. He checked my attic and was extremely knowledgeable and informing me on the problems i was experiencing. They came fully prepared to service my mouse problem that day. I’m really happy with my service and would 100% recommend Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control.

Jason R


Get ‘Em Out came to my house (150 years old) to investigate a potential bat problem. Sean was punctual, professional and very knowledgeable. He provided a detailed quote for the work that was required and completed the work as per estimate. His outstanding customer service and humane approach will ensure that I recommend him to any friends or family with wildlife questions/concerns.