Bat Removal and Prevention

With Ottawa’s ever growing urban wildlife problem, Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control has been helping home owners and businesses for over 10 years in the pest control industry. By offering home owners and businesses a permanent solution for their wildlife problem, Rather then putting inhumane poison packs and kill traps that only offer a band-aid solution, Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control will identify All points of entry on the building and prevent any future problems that may arise. All areas serviced by Get ‘Em Out is backed by a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

We don’t just Get ‘Em Out we Keep’em Out! ​


One of our urban wildlife specialists will identify all points of entry and reentry areas on the building. Once we have completed our comprehensive home inspection we will present our customers with photos and our action plan.


Once our action plan is booked we will begin the process of completely sealing the building. When we come to the points of entry we will install a device that will allow the animals to safely leave the home or business. This process ensures that All animals can get out of the building and not reenter. (unlike poison where the animals are left to decompose in the walls and attic.)


Once the building is all sealed up and safe from reentry, We will assess the damages caused by the animals. If repairs are required such as attic restoration and clean up or shingle, soffit, fascia, siding repairs. We can provide a quote for such repairs.


Safety first, Unmarked Vehicles, Lifetime Guarantee, Only The Highest Quality Building Materials, Complete Restoration and Decontamination Services, No Poisons or Traps, No Spray-foams or Chickenwire, 100% Humane Removal and Zero Interest Payment Options Available. Add all that together and you get Ottawa's First Choice for Wildlife Control and Repairs.


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