Get ‘Em Out came to my home because I had a mouse problem. They were extremely knowledgeable and were able to identify all the mouse holes in my home. We are very happy with the service we revived. we would totally recommend Get em out to friends and family.


Raccoons! Pest & Animal Control review in Ottawa Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control Ottawa ON Raccoons were terrorizing my attic and making a mess of everything. Get Em Out came our right away and took care of everything for me. They captured a Mommy and found a litter of babies. I found them to be very professional and very humane with the babies. Once the raccoons were removed, the entry was sealed, the attic was cleaned and several repairs were made. What I liked most about Get Em Out was how organized and efficient they were. Definite attention to details and a job very well done. Highly recommended!!


100% recommended. We had such good results ousting mice with the humane methods used by Get ‘Em Out in a previous house in Ottawa that we knew this was the way to go for bats and red squirrels in our house in the countryside. Get ‘Em Out knows their stuff. They came promptly, explained their methods thoroughly, worked cheerfully and carefully, did everything promised, and it’s all backed up by a lifetime guarantee. We’re very happy.


Mississippi Mills

Me and my wife heard noises a few weeks ago sounded like squirrels running in our soffits, we called 4 companies over the weekend and they all went to voice-mail except Get’em out wildlife; Sean picked up the phone immediately and scheduled an appointment to come check out the place. Once he arrived he found the issue right away and it turned out to be my neighbors soffit and fixed the issue within a week and sealed up the holes and it was that easy. Great pricing and very professional I would highly recommend his company!

Maroun Nasr

Mississippi Mills

We had squirrels in our attic. Get ‘Em Out came and did just that, they got them out.. They were clean and professional. Kept us in the loop the whole time took pictures of the work that we couldn’t see. We will definitely be recommending Get ‘Em Out to whoever needs pest control.


Mouse Removal And Prevention Pest & Animal Control review in Ottawa Get ‘Em Out came to my home and did a really thorough inspection. He checked my attic and was extremely knowledgeable and informing me on the problems I’m experiencing. They came fully prepared to service my mouse problem that day. I’m really happy with my service and would 100% recommend Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control.



My parents had mice and squirrels entering their attic. Sean examined all the entry points on the roof and submitted and blocked all the potential entry points to prevent the rodents from entering. He explained that mice may be entering up under the siding up the stucco wall. He even offered to come back and help point out any potential vulnerabilities next spring to fortify the place even more. Thank you Sean !


Get ‘Em Out came to my house (150 years old) to investigate a potential bat problem. Sean was punctual, professional and very knowledgeable. He provided a detailed quote for the work that was required and completed the work as per estimate. His outstanding customer service and humane approach will ensure that I recommend him to any friends or family with wildlife questions/concerns.